Courageous and free sound of modern Nordic jazz

Sanna Ruohoniemi, based in Stockholm, Sweden is the latest in a long line of strikingly individual Nordic artists & composers who successfully melds the open-sky freedom of jazz with the rich folk traditions of her homeland. 

Considered among one of the young generation’s most interesting vocalists & music creators in the Nordics, Sanna is known for her improvisational verve and creative risk-taking. With her latest album, ”Start from Nothing” (Eclipse Music) she continues the bold and self-determined journey into the world of modern vocal jazz, offering a rich and vibrant combination of what jazz music can be all about. 

Album were picked by Europe Jazz as one of the best album releases on November 2018.


”This modern jazz album makes a virtuosic combination of experimentation, beauty of the tones and joyfulness of improvisation”- Juha Seitz (Pohjalainen / Ilkka)


”Sanna Ruohoniemi has an independent expression in whatever language she decides to use in her music.” – Dan Backman (Orkesterjournalen)


”One of the best jazz albums made on 2018”. – Jukka Piiroinen (Valonkuvia)


”If your favorite brand of music isn’t jazz, if you’re unfamiliar with what is surely this broadest of genres, Start From Nothing is the perfect envoy for the album and indeed for the genre. It’s possible this music could at once put you on the back foot whilst tapping the other. ” -Phil Lively (The Progressive Aspect, UK)

Successful album release tour began from Helsinki, Finland on 21st of September followed by international tour. First album release concert in Sweden took place on the opening day of Stockholm Jazz Festival on 12th of October. November 15th Sanna performed on Sydney International Women Jazz Festival being the only representative from Europe.

International release by German label Galileo Music on 23th of November.

More reviews:

Sanna is a very special singer, she will move you. With her quiet, naked persona and her truly honest musicianship she will take you to places and she will touch your heart. Sanna Ruohoniemi is a genuine jazz musician, true to her inner self, a seeker exploring the boundaries of her musical ability – very brave in her pursuit and certainly succesfull. This applies also to her group, they work really well together.”   – Irene Sjögren 04/2016

”Sanna Ruohoniemis flexible vocalism is entirely one of a kind. This talent dares to throw herself  into music which creates strikingly fine improvisations. When you encounter virtuosity and vision, this is the result.”  – Juha Seitz, Pohjalainen & Ilkka 10/2016

”There are many jazz oriented female vocalists out there one wonders what they all should be doing. For one with so personal output, creative and deep expression there certainly should be a place in the field of modern Nordic jazz era.” – Jan-Erik Homberg, Hufvudstadsbladet 09/2016

”..flowing, variable and very much fun inside modern jazz idiom.”                                    ”Seamlessly she varies between Finnish, Norwegian, English and Swedish and fast-flying scat singing. Between Norwegian blues, meandering ballad stories and bebop-wallop. A great team she has with her and a clear elastic voice. Enthusiasm floats like an autumn leaf in a fresh wind.”  – Leif Carlsson, Lira 11/2016