Besides a vocalist and composer, I am also a singing teacher, which is a work I really love and feel inspired to do. I’ve graduated as a Master of Music and have studied in three different schools; Kungliga Musikhögskolan in Stockholm, Sibelius Academy in Helsinki and Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark. My specialization in the music field is jazz, but I have gathered strong knowledge from variety of rhythmic music through the years. I have also been teaching for several years.

My teaching consists variety of singing techniques, basic music skills (rhythm, harmony, melody, improvisation, composing, leading a band) and expression of singing. The main focus for me as a teacher is finding tools for each singer so, that she/he could be free to sing as her/his own needs and will as a guide. Finding one’s own voice and the freedom to express oneself in music is the main importance both in teaching and in music, as is the joy itself while learning by doing.

If you want vocal lessons, feel free to contact me! I teach groups, give private lessons and give workshops with different themes and length.